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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

Professional Web Services would like to extend wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers on the Web.

We hope that everyone that reads our newsletter finds something helpful and useful for your B2C or B2B business. Read about How We Snatched Our Domain Name.

As always, the web continues to grow exponentially. Read about Internet Marketing Forces. With this growth comes new and exciting technologies that can really help your business prosper utilizing powerful Internet marketing tools.

One of the aspects of the Internet is the interconnectivity of all the different online entities. Google recently came out with Google Apps for Your Domain Name. Google Apps for Your Domain Name is free and has some pretty cool features that can provide a business with solid intranet type applications on the Internet. Google Gmail is one of those applications that can be used directly with your own domain name. In fact many companies are finding that instead of running a dedicated mail server for their Domain Name website they can instead run the Google application for their domain name for free. The Gmail application, for your domain name, is a very solid email foundation that has a number of cool features built into to it. Not only can it be used on the Web, but also the emails can be downloaded with email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or just about any email application that businesses have used in the past.

Read about a number of the other features with Google Apps for Your Domain Name. The possibilities are definitely quite fascinating in what it can do for a business. For one, Google has entered into a partnership arrangement with GoDaddy and other registrars for registering domain names for Google Apps for Your Domain Name. Definitely worth reading about Google Teams Up With GoDaddy Domain Names.

On some other Internet fronts, have your considered expanding your business on the Web in the form of a professional blog? The stigma of a blog as just a personal website is the farthest thing from the truth. Blogs are powerful websites, and may actually be more powerful than the company's dedicated website itself. I am completely serious in this area. The Web is becoming more interactive everyday. Advertising has even gotten more interactive with video ads that are clickable for playing only if you want it to. Video sites like youtube.com and others have included comment areas for the videos if the poster allows there to be comments. Likewise, blogs are another interactive area on the Web. With the advent of RSS and Atom feeds from blogs, people using online news readers can freely subscribe to a blog. When information is published it is automatically sent to the subscriber without the subscriber having to constantly check when a new article is published on the Web.

What a blog does for your business is more than the sales, marketing, and advertising reach to readers, consumers, engineers, and buyers reading the published article itself. If a business blog is developed over time, the links created to the corporate website are invaluable on the Internet. It really is about Creating A Web On The Internet for your business. There simply is no way to reach every conceivable keywords or keyword phrases within a single website and have it be highly ranked for each of the thousands of variations that many businesses are faced with. So, one of the ways in which to penetrate into other markets is with the writing of articles at various structured blogs online. Google is a prime example of this. Google has many different blogs themselves. Each of their divisions has a blog dedicated to the things in that division. For example they have a AdSense, AdWords, Blogger, Video, and other Google Blogs. Each of these is dedicated to one particular segment of their company. This type of setup has advantages both for the reader and the business as a whole. It would not make very much sense to write in detail about AdSense in the Video area or vice versa. Similarly, corporations that are large in scope can address each of their target customers in a very dedicated and deliberate marketing strategy that makes the most sense from a customer's standpoint. Having multiple blogs also makes sense for a small business that may have a wide market spectrum and writing content geared toward particular market segments.

I personally would not want to weed through hundreds of pages just to find the information that I was really interested in in the first place. This is the reason a dedicated blog scripted to a central theme is highly advantages for your business. Think of it as a landing page for your business. If the blog has helpful information then it will actually be adding something of value to the Web in the form of content for others to read.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, we are offering some helpful advice here. I am going to strongly encourage you to start off your new year with a resolution to start a blog for your B2C or B2B business. Professional Web Services is here to help you with the foundation, editing, writing, and scripting for any business on the Web. We have the background in many diverse fields that can be translated into helping you and your business via professional marketing on the Internet.

Contact Professional Web Services for Internet marketing services, Web marketing B2B, Web marketing B2C, Online advertising strategies, SEO, search engine optimization, web branding solutions, professional customized websites, and good Internet marketing services that will help provide more sales for your business on the Web.

Once again Merry Christmas to everyone in all the countries of the world. Peace be with you and your families during this holiday season. Have a Happy and prosperous New Year too. From Jim Warholic, President of Professional Web Services, Inc.


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