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Cloud Computing The Google Way

Global Computing and Marketing WorldwideWow, What A Google Day!

I got a chance to attend a really informative half day Google Innovation seminar held at the Santa Clara Marriott on Wednesday. The conference theme was how Google is innovating for businesses in the form of cloud computing applications and passing cost savings through some really wild changes for IT departments to save tons of time and money over traditional ways of finding, sharing, and the securing of all internal data, along with major improvements in the productivity of workers and huge cost savings to both big and small enterprise companies.

Cloud Computing comes from the cloud illustration of having various IT services and software applications residing in off site data centers. Typically the computing resources being accessed are owned and operated by third-party providers. Cloud computing is getting much more notoriety today as business are looking for ways to streamline costs and improve the productivity of their workers from those that work in small company environments and to large companies — with workers from many satellite locations around the world.

Wednesday's keynote address was delivered by Dave Girouard, President of Google Enterprise. He presented some great insights in to the economy of scale. One of the aspects that we have all seen in the past few years is the price on computer storage has decreased exponentially while at the same time the drive storage capacity has increased significantly. The price per gigabyte and the price per terabyte is just incredibly low and dropping everyday. Five years ago, very few outside of the computer industry had heard of a terabyte hard drive. Now, people can go over to Costco or Fry's and pick one up at lunch time for $200.00 or less. Imagine that!

Google has taken this economy of scale to new levels that no one else in the industry has ever imagined or implemented. When it comes to dreaming and dreaming big, Google is above the clouds on this one. For example, Dave pointed out in his keynote address, in one of the larger Marriott meeting rooms filled with IT and business personnel across all industry facets, of just how the economy of scale is taken advantage of by Google. Google discovered early on that one of the implementation aspects of all this Google Search power was the need for massive numbers of computer servers along with a massive supply of electrical power to run all the servers. Google is number five in the world for producing computer servers; of course they use all those computer servers produced for themselves. They have streamlined a flavor of Linux Open Source software that is custom to their own needs without the need for the various portions of the Linux code that is not used by them. With this approach, and their proprietary file structure that was hinted at, they claim that they can upgrade all of their server's operating system in a matter of hours across all of their data centers worldwide. Imagine that, simply executing some command at one location and updating their software everywhere.

While the economy of scale was impressive to think about just from the computer aspect, Dave also gave insights into what Google is doing on the renewable energy front and also being able to supply power at costs below those of coal fired electricity plants. Energy is really one of the greatest bottlenecks for this type of operation, and it makes sense for Google to devote financial resources into this area for business. Who knows what cool discoveries might come out of this division.

Dave proceeded to give the conference attendees an overview of everything related to Google Enterprise, Google Search Appliance, and Google Message Security that seemed to be well received by all those that were attending. Security was one of the main topics that was covered in depth. When it gets down to it, I believe that after hearing how security is structured at Google, both for storing of data, and for independent audits that are being performed within Google Corporate, they are on the forefront of providing the most secure data structure of any business out there, including any individual enterprise themselves.

I had the opportunity to sit up front with my brother and associate on my right side, and the Google opposition, Microsoft, Information Worker Solution Specialist sitting on my left. I'll be nice, I won't give his name here. I had to laugh at that one though, when he introduced himself to me prior to the keynote address he said, "Hello, I'm so and so and I'm the opposition here, of course with full disclosure. I need to be up front with that." I did see him taking lots of Google notes.

In the back of my mind, I thought, Microsoft could save a lot of money if they were to start using Google's Enterprise Solutions. But, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of ever seeing that happen. However, we had a little time before the meeting started that I shared with him of what my thoughts were for improvements to Microsoft Live Small Business email and other applications. I was nice, but I tell it like it is, and shared some inside application impressions and told him in no uncertain terms, that first impressions are what matter.

So, when it comes to apples and oranges, there really is no comparison. There are more things different then there are the same. I'm not going to go into comparisons here, but suffice it to say I was really impressed with Google's top notch approach to placing the customer first. Dave got to the point, when he stated, "the customer is one click away from using someone else for search." And, I truly believe that Google is not going to forget that anytime soon. When it comes to providing secure enterprise solutions, Google believes that if it doesn't make it easier and better for the client do, then it probably should not be implemented. Everything I saw from Google today was making things better, easier, faster, more efficient, more productive, improved cost savings for businesses, and cool too.

Of course there was much more in depth talks and live demonstrations, along with actual walk thorough visual applications and "Q & A" sessions for most of the Google Enterprise solutions. If you get a chance to attend one of these Google Innovation for Business seminar events held around the country, I suggest you take advantage of it. I have to say that, breakfast and lunch was great too!

By the way, Professional Web Services has tested and implemented many of the Google Enterprise solution applications across numerous types of businesses. If you need help in this area, we're just a short email click away. Contact us for all your professional Internet marketing needs too. Start getting more leads today. Get a fresh search engine friendly website design now.

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Improve Your Online Marketing Results

Do You Know Your Customers and Buyers Semantically on the Internet?

Are you talking their Internet semantic language?

This issue of the online marketing report looks at the world of search from an inner perspective that is quite interesting. It gives fascinating insights into the way we communicate, artificial intelligence (AI), Web publishing, how search engines index and catalog the vast Internet library, and how computer programs using complex algorithms are used in the evaluation of documents and web pages online. There are many golden nuggets of information to learn here, along with pertinent information on how to apply these marketing strategies for an improvement in your B2B or B2C business on the Web.

Online Marketing
When it comes to online marketing, a close working relationship is a must between those that take care of your website and the products or services you provide. Simply having a website online, with just a sprinkling of your keywords throughout the site, is not good enough to getting a business found in the search engine results pages. Most of all, quality content is required, and that content better stand on its own merits. Sure, you can publish, on your business website a list of things that you sell, but how is that going to hold up to the hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of websites that use those same keywords as yourself. [Read More]

Read the entire article about online marketing:

Online Marketing Means Knowing Your Customers Semantically

Get your business on the right Internet footing. Learn how Professional Web Services can help build you an information architecture that will improve your marketing, advertising, sales, and branding impacts on the Internet.

For results oriented Internet marketing services contact us now. Be sure to ask for a free marketing consultation and website evaluation today.

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Professional Web Services

Your Business B2C Or B2B Website

Welcome to our new look for the online newsletter. There are some exciting things on the Internet horizon.

There are many Internet marketing challenges facing businesses today. Let's start the New Year off with the basic design requirements of any website. This sales, marketing, and advertising website link takes you to a website that is both simple and powerful at the same time. It is simply amazing what can be done with the new Blogger software from Google. The new Google Co-op search can now be built directly into a website or a blog. Test out the new Google Custom Search feature for marketing and advertising related items from the search bar above.

Important considerations need to be taken into account when building a website for the first time visitors, established customers, and the search engine robots. Not addressing the needs of all of these areas on a website can leave a business hanging out in left field, as far as the online marketing and Internet advertising exposure are concerned.

In addition, you will see on some of our pages the implementation of a pretty cool new feature that provides a small thumbnail view, www.snap.com of the links.

Important Points For Any B2C or B2B Website

What Are You Going To Say On Your Home Page?

Well, that depends on a number of factors. Is your company a well know brand? If the company is well known, then chances are it is not necessary to spell your business out in detail on this first page of your website. However, if the business is not a fortune 500 company, like 95% of the companies in the world, then you better have a good sales, marketing, and advertising message, with the home page being key for the website.

Read more: Home Is Where The Heart Is

The About Us Page

Both B2B and B2C companies need to take advantage of the power of the various Internet marketing tools available.

The Products Page or Pages.

Both On The B2B Buyers Side And The B2C Consumers Side

Providing information with the products your business sells is absolutely required today. Both B2B buyers (purchasing managers) and consumers want to know the details about a product being sold by any business before they will make a purchase.

Read more: Products Pages With Information

Services Of Professional Web Services

Internet Marketing Services

The term Internet marketing covers a wide array of online activities designed to improve the market reach of companies, websites, brands, and even individuals with the idea of promoting a particular company or person in relation to a particular professional industry.

Read more about Services

And don't forget to include a contact us page or link.

If the site is quite extensive, and provides lots of information, it is wise to have a search page. For an example of using the Google Co-op Search Engine to see information from Professional Web Services, internet marketing, click on the link.

Read about:

Building A Better Search Engine - Google Co-op

I Want To Find The Web Pages Important To My B2C And B2B Business

Now you can customize your own search engine dedicated to your own needs, or better still, build a search engine for your own B2c or B2b business privately or broadcast it publicly for customers to be able to find the information they need.

Learn more about Building A Better Search Engine for your B2B or B2C business.

James A. Warholic
President: Professional Web Services, Inc.
Internet Marketing Services
Ethical Search Engine Optimization
Online Advertising Strategies
Web Branding Solutions
Professional Blog Marketing Services

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Professional Web Services

Getting The Inside Scoop On Search

Search Engine Strategies Conference

In what is becoming a larger and larger event every year, the SES conference held last week at the San Jose Convention Center has become one of the premier events for search engine strategies and search engine marketing.

The Big Three search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN all had large booths representing their bread and butter, online advertising. Other search engine companies were also present. Many of the specialized, directory based, advertising only companies were also present.

Online advertising, also known in the industry by some of the principals as search engine marketing is the leading revenue generator for all the search companies.

Microsoft has finally gotten out of their suits and started to feel more like a company you could talk to. That was one of the things that I did while at the conference. Microsoft, since totally breaking free of the Yahoo advertising feed on MSN Search is really starting to make a marketing push for their own online advertising system. I really only got a chance to have a quick overview of the system but I would say the online system for setting up Ads to run on the MSN Search platform is looking very intuitive and the tools provided look to be very powerful for evaluating ad performance and setting up campaigns. Many of the features that are found at Google and Yahoo can be seen incorporated into the MSN advertising system.

All of this competition in the search world is definitely good for consumers and businesses alike. While some businesses might think that having to advertise on at least three different search engines for close to one hundred percent marketing exposure means having to pay for three different advertising outlets this is not necessarily the case.

In a recent article I read online about placing your advertising dollars in the best area possible means evaluating all the advertising dollars spent and invest in those campaigns that have the highest ROI. Likewise, I would have to say that companies really need to test and monitor closely the advertising campaigns and alter them accordingly. If a campaign is not producing measurable results then it is time to adjust it or in some instances completely do away with spending the dollars that are loosing money and place it where it can earn money.

Back at the convention, there were numerous other companies that were making their pitch to have businesses listed in their website on an annual fee basis. Many of these were analogous to the "Yellow Pages." Some of these companies were even offering, not only the pay per click on an ad, but were also providing a feature called pay per call. This pay per call feature has been out for a year or so and may actually provide a great way of having a customer call directly instead of having to email them. That way the customer actually gets to talk to someone live at the moment of impression. Conversions may be higher with live two way communications as compared to a customer clicking an ad and going to a landing page.

One of the highlights of the convention, as in years past, was the Google Dance. The Google Dance was held at the Googleplex in Mountain View. It was a time to talk with the engineers, have hands on demos and questions answered about Google products, eat, drink, and be merry. Really, it was great fun and definitely a cool night to remember. Read and see photos of the 2006 Google Dance. Everyone needs to see the look on the face of the "Google Guy" just after he got dunked. The attendees and Google employees seemed to really have a good time with the interaction between everyone. Professional Web Services looks forward to the Google Dance in 2007.

For Internet marketing services, ethical search engine optimization, online advertising strategies, and web branding solutions contact Professsional Web Services today.

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Internet Marketing Services and Online Advertising Strategies Email Contact Information

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Professional Web Services

Internet Marketing Industry Insider News

Internet Usage By Search Engine Market Segment

Everyone knows Google is number 1 but there is more to this information than meets the eye. Take a look and see what the real numbers are for Search Engine usage statistics.

Published Search Engine Use Statistics

From a standpoint of Internet Marketing and Search Engines Use Statistics there are some interesting nuggets of information to be gleaned from a couple of online studies comparing the Top search engines.


What Really Is The ODP - Open Directory Project - DMoz

Learn how easy it is to submit your technology or business website but how difficult it is to be accepted.


Editor Application ODP - Open Directory Project - DMoz

Instead of just talking about improving the ODP - Open Directory Project - DMoz I decided to see if I could help out.

Open Directory Project Editor
Applying for an editor position with the ODP is quite a connection process.

Read what this process and policy is like.

Professional Web Services, Inc. Internet Marketing Services, Online Advertising Strategies, Website Branding Solutions to Net More Sales For Your Business.

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Creative Internet Marketing

Business Marketing Newsletter

Feel free to forward our new interactive online newsletter subscription on to an Internet friend. Simply click the News letter Stories link and email them the page.

Internet Marketing Services and Online Advertising Strategies Email Contact Information

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Professional Web Services

Local Internet Search - The E Marketing Ticket

As the Web continues to expand and as more information is placed online, local search will become the bread and butter for local businesses utilizing the E Technology available.

The integration of a website into the overall sales, marketing, and advertising of a small business can significantly improve the bottom line. For ideas to see how local search will affect you visit:

Internet Marketing For Local Search

San Ramon community has an outstanding business growth curve.

Thousands of new homes are being built in the Dougherty Valley, many at prices starting at over one million dollars. With the proliferation of High Speed Internet throughout and the addition of these new homes, plus the executive lifestyle of many of the homeowners, the market is ripe for local businesses to seriously consider the Internet as a means of marketing and advertising their products and services online.

Extending Local Market Reach

Professional Web Services is proud to be a member of the San Ramon community.

We would like to extend a welcome to our local San Ramon and neighboring community readers.

Strategic Marketing Presentation

Strategic Internet Marketing Solutions

Logo Designs

Creating the perfect logo can be an arduous journey. Thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands of graphic designers the world-over have made a living out of creating logos for their clients.

All types of logo designs including: the corporate initials, name of the company, or action items into the features have been tried.

For a great article on LOGOS

A logotype, commonly known as a logo, is the graphic element of a trademark or brand, which is set in a special typeface/font, or arranged in a particular, but legible, way. The shape, color, typeface, etc. should be distinctly different from others in a similar market. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Logos identify your company. Today the emphases is on name recognition with history showing that very few of the graphic emblems included in the design are recognized for the company brand.

Take a look at the Search Engine Companies for examples. Each one has a unique custom design that is very easy to recognize. Colors and style play an important part of the marketing and advertising impact when it comes to establishing the brand features.

Experts state that a logo should not be changed frequently. This certainly has marketing sense behind this, but the rules are not meant to be strictly followed. Take a look at some of the interesting and creative designs that can be done with a name. Google has incorporated special occasions, holidays, and events into their designs. See: Google Holiday Logos

So get a little creative in your thinking when it comes designing the right logo for your company brand.

Professional Web Services, Internet marketing services, online advertising strategies, and web branding solutions for businesses today.

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