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Why I Love My Google Gmail Email

Ferrari Hot Marketing
First off, Gmail is Ferrari Hot! And let me tell everyone up front that by having a Gmail account has made my life much easier, increased my productivity, helped me to be more organized, and faster on the road. One of the aspects about dealing with numerous customers in both B2B and B2C industries are in many cases the requirements to have an email address with the domain name I am working with at the time.

As a business representative for our clients, I need to sometimes make contact with various client related business interests, and having a email address with that customer's domain name is advantageous for representing the company to the third party. However, with so many email addresses to check on a regular basis, it becomes difficult to stay on top of all the communications items. This is where the Gmail email system comes in handy big time. What I do is forward my emails from all my other accounts into a central Gmail address location. This way, I don't have to go in and check my emails at all my other email addresses. But, you say, "I can forward my emails to any location that I want." Yes you may be able to do that, but Gmail offers a feature that also allows you to respond as though it is coming from the other email address. You can also send emails through POP SMTP from another email account or using the IMAP function, import old emails from other accounts and synchronize all emails with Outlook or other email programs running on multiple computers at the same time. Here are some of the various mail clients along with the instructions on how to configure them for Gmail. Sign up for a free Gmail account.

Read about more things you can do with Gmail.

Google Apps and Gmail For Any Business

Take the next step for your business organization with Google. Use the Gmail interface software engine via Google Apps for your domain name. One of the features that Google Apps has for any company is to use Google's Email servers to handle your daily email requirements for your company. There are two levels of service provided by Google. One is the free and provides over 7 GB (and counting) of email storage for each email account. The other is $50 per user per year and provides 25 GB of email storage for each account. Both the standard free edition and the paid premier edition come with full administrator control panels for a central IT person or even a non IT person to set up new accounts and control access to established accounts. Just like in the Gmail accounts online, users can access their accounts through the online control panel, IMAP, and POP SMTP email client settings.

I am convinced that Google Security for your Emails are better than any security at any company. Read the past article on Cloud Computing The Google Way to understand the reasoning behind my statement that Google is more secure than even your company. I know that may come as a very bold statement to some, but I encourage you to read the article and think about the economy of scale and understanding of their security measures in place, along with independent security audits that are conducted regularly.

The Gmail Email Overview

Gmail offers entire organizations and businesses personalized email addresses like jsmith@yourdomain.com. Gmail comes with helpful features to make email more useful, like award-winning spam and virus filtering, up to 25 GB of storage per account, powerful search to find messages as fast as you can search the web, and instant messaging built right in. The Gmail web application is accessible from anywhere, and you can even sign in from your mobile phone. Or if you prefer, you can access email from your favorite mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird using POP or IMAP at no additional cost.

Why switch to Gmail Google Apps for your domain name? There are many reasons to do it, but two of the top reasons in my book would be that the storage capacity is simply enormous, and you never have to throw any emails away. Remember, most companies are using their website servers also as their email servers. This means they are limited by how much data they can store online in the email portion before things have to get purged. Most companies provide their employees with significantly less email storage area, and what happens many times is their email boxes fill up and need to be emptied to make room for new emails. Other times, a main IT person or administrator is constantly going into the email accounts and purging past emails to make room for more. Whereas with Google Gmail Apps, users have a huge storage area which are unlikely to get filled up except by the super power huge file receivers of email information, and even then, I imagine that Google would just add more capacity for specific power hungry email users.

By-the-way, I am talking from first hand experience on both the free Gmail email available to anyone online and Google Apps for a domain name, with a private label email address using the Gmail email software to drive it. Using the Gmail Google Apps is like driving a Ferrari very very fast. And you know what? Others wish they had one too. Maybe someday.

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Feel free to forward our new interactive online newsletter subscription on to an Internet friend. Simply click the News letter Stories link and email them the page.

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