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Gathering information online requires note taking. This is especially true when doing research for writing technical articles about specific topics and you need to make sure to get your facts straight. By-the-way, the don't forget marketing note about internet marketing services above is straight. It's just an optical marketing illusion.

I use Firefox quite extensively as my main research browser when it comes to anything related to the Internet. Mozilla Firefox has thousands of great software add-ons which users can add to the browser to include other specific useful tools. One of those tools is Clippings 3.0 Firefox and Thunderbird email client add-ons.

The cool thing about Firefox web browser is the cross platform capabilities for Firefox to work with Windows, Apple Mac users, and Linux operating systems. So, if you can do it on a PC, you can do it on a Mac too.

Read more about Clippings today at Jim's Jot Spot.

Note: Everyone from the sales and marketing staff, to the president of a company can make use of clippings for everything from note taking to email letter writing.

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