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Cloud Computing The Google Way

Global Computing and Marketing WorldwideWow, What A Google Day!

I got a chance to attend a really informative half day Google Innovation seminar held at the Santa Clara Marriott on Wednesday. The conference theme was how Google is innovating for businesses in the form of cloud computing applications and passing cost savings through some really wild changes for IT departments to save tons of time and money over traditional ways of finding, sharing, and the securing of all internal data, along with major improvements in the productivity of workers and huge cost savings to both big and small enterprise companies.

Cloud Computing comes from the cloud illustration of having various IT services and software applications residing in off site data centers. Typically the computing resources being accessed are owned and operated by third-party providers. Cloud computing is getting much more notoriety today as business are looking for ways to streamline costs and improve the productivity of their workers from those that work in small company environments and to large companies — with workers from many satellite locations around the world.

Wednesday's keynote address was delivered by Dave Girouard, President of Google Enterprise. He presented some great insights in to the economy of scale. One of the aspects that we have all seen in the past few years is the price on computer storage has decreased exponentially while at the same time the drive storage capacity has increased significantly. The price per gigabyte and the price per terabyte is just incredibly low and dropping everyday. Five years ago, very few outside of the computer industry had heard of a terabyte hard drive. Now, people can go over to Costco or Fry's and pick one up at lunch time for $200.00 or less. Imagine that!

Google has taken this economy of scale to new levels that no one else in the industry has ever imagined or implemented. When it comes to dreaming and dreaming big, Google is above the clouds on this one. For example, Dave pointed out in his keynote address, in one of the larger Marriott meeting rooms filled with IT and business personnel across all industry facets, of just how the economy of scale is taken advantage of by Google. Google discovered early on that one of the implementation aspects of all this Google Search power was the need for massive numbers of computer servers along with a massive supply of electrical power to run all the servers. Google is number five in the world for producing computer servers; of course they use all those computer servers produced for themselves. They have streamlined a flavor of Linux Open Source software that is custom to their own needs without the need for the various portions of the Linux code that is not used by them. With this approach, and their proprietary file structure that was hinted at, they claim that they can upgrade all of their server's operating system in a matter of hours across all of their data centers worldwide. Imagine that, simply executing some command at one location and updating their software everywhere.

While the economy of scale was impressive to think about just from the computer aspect, Dave also gave insights into what Google is doing on the renewable energy front and also being able to supply power at costs below those of coal fired electricity plants. Energy is really one of the greatest bottlenecks for this type of operation, and it makes sense for Google to devote financial resources into this area for business. Who knows what cool discoveries might come out of this division.

Dave proceeded to give the conference attendees an overview of everything related to Google Enterprise, Google Search Appliance, and Google Message Security that seemed to be well received by all those that were attending. Security was one of the main topics that was covered in depth. When it gets down to it, I believe that after hearing how security is structured at Google, both for storing of data, and for independent audits that are being performed within Google Corporate, they are on the forefront of providing the most secure data structure of any business out there, including any individual enterprise themselves.

I had the opportunity to sit up front with my brother and associate on my right side, and the Google opposition, Microsoft, Information Worker Solution Specialist sitting on my left. I'll be nice, I won't give his name here. I had to laugh at that one though, when he introduced himself to me prior to the keynote address he said, "Hello, I'm so and so and I'm the opposition here, of course with full disclosure. I need to be up front with that." I did see him taking lots of Google notes.

In the back of my mind, I thought, Microsoft could save a lot of money if they were to start using Google's Enterprise Solutions. But, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of ever seeing that happen. However, we had a little time before the meeting started that I shared with him of what my thoughts were for improvements to Microsoft Live Small Business email and other applications. I was nice, but I tell it like it is, and shared some inside application impressions and told him in no uncertain terms, that first impressions are what matter.

So, when it comes to apples and oranges, there really is no comparison. There are more things different then there are the same. I'm not going to go into comparisons here, but suffice it to say I was really impressed with Google's top notch approach to placing the customer first. Dave got to the point, when he stated, "the customer is one click away from using someone else for search." And, I truly believe that Google is not going to forget that anytime soon. When it comes to providing secure enterprise solutions, Google believes that if it doesn't make it easier and better for the client do, then it probably should not be implemented. Everything I saw from Google today was making things better, easier, faster, more efficient, more productive, improved cost savings for businesses, and cool too.

Of course there was much more in depth talks and live demonstrations, along with actual walk thorough visual applications and "Q & A" sessions for most of the Google Enterprise solutions. If you get a chance to attend one of these Google Innovation for Business seminar events held around the country, I suggest you take advantage of it. I have to say that, breakfast and lunch was great too!

By the way, Professional Web Services has tested and implemented many of the Google Enterprise solution applications across numerous types of businesses. If you need help in this area, we're just a short email click away. Contact us for all your professional Internet marketing needs too. Start getting more leads today. Get a fresh search engine friendly website design now.

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Most every industry has a crowd of manufacturers, distributors, software providers, developers, and service providers all competing with one another in the market place.

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With the latest acquisition talk from Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, in which he is proposing acquiring Yahoo! with a stock and cash buyout; one has to wonder if this merger/buyout acquisition deal would really help Microsoft that much in the search and online advertising market space.

If you are a Google Search user, how likely are you to switch to a new search engine provider? With nearly a 60 percent market share in December 2007 according to comScore Core Search Report, Google Search has shined through, with an outstanding track record that shows they have stood out from the crowd since their inception. When they were nothing more than a small startup, Google took the search engine world by storm, and turned out a better and faster product than any other search company had at the time. Google has strived to be the best, and has never been content with settling for mediocrity.

Many companies have taken the attitude that 80 percent is good enough if it can make them a profit. This is not how to operate your business. In essence, if you think you are such a big juggernaut in your particular business market place and the 80 percent attitude is your attitude, then that leaves 20 percent for any company to really take advantage of the situation, and develop a product or service that can take the world by storm. It doesn't take long before market share is changed from one company to the other.

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Jim said: Never settle for mediocrity. Life is about change, new growth, and making a difference in the lives around us. No matter what direction life takes us in our new thinking, always striving to do it to the best of our abilities is key to success. Actions speak louder than words. B2B, B2C, and C2C Internet Marketing Services, ethical SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising Strategies, Website Branding Solutions with Professional Web Services, Inc. Business Solutions.

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